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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crib Chair

I appoligize that I did not take any pictures of this project in the making. This is one of two hall or foyer chairs that I made from my children's crib. We moved this crib from Indiana, to California, to Texas, to California and back to Texas each time my wondering why we continued to haul this thing all over the country knowing we were through having children. Finally, Ruby told me what she wanted and we created two heirlooms with history.
I took the foot and head board and made them the backs of the chairs. The side rails were just cut to size to make the side arm rests. Simply built a box that would fit inside and included a hinged top for storage. Not a hard project, but one that my grown children can pass on and use.


  1. i sure do love it and YOU! thanks dad we miss you already

  2. Would love to have directions on this, especially the part with the box. I want to do this with my old crib!