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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Portable Garment Rack

My daughter does children's clothes that she sells at a farmer's market in Las Cruces, NM and online @ . She called me and asked if I could design something we could build for her to be able to display her clothes and yet portable enough to her minivan. This is what I came up with. Cost for an original 8' section is running about $55 for materials. To add another 4' section should cost about $20 for materials. She can add as many sections as she wants.

Here I am standing with a 16' section and you will notice under my arm is the 16' section after it has been nested together for travel. 

So here are the pics I took as I put it together.

Hunting down all the different pieces and parts and trying to keep the cost down was a lot of fun, but time consuming. 

Decided to use 1/4" luan ply for gussets and a way to joint the riser to the end pieces. Glue only.


While building this I had to keep in mind the portability of it. So making a way to nest these parts was also a consideration.

A little ingenuity for a quick connect is the use of a cheap shelving bracket cut to fit.

A single 4' section works good, but we want to be able to add section to it. In this version we have three risers that attach by the two hanger rods and the stabilizer middle section.



  2. How did you connect the center main part to the bottom & top (where the triangles are?) I wish I had a dad to make me one of these! And how are you able to connect the two together and make the long sections like in the photo of her hanging the clothes. Sorry so many questions but I may want to attempt this myself if I can talk someone into lending me power tools. ;)